Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The winter storm that hit Massachusetts this past weekend was such a nuisance. I had decided to hole myself up this weekend and do nothing except for a tiny fact: Um, well, not so tiny. Christmas is less than a week away and presents were lacking underneath the tree, so John and I bundled ourselves into our winter clothes, and hit the town.

I must say, we did well! We did stop for a little break at Burdick's for some hot chocolate and some Luxembourgers {or, in France, les macarons }. Burdick's has the best hot chocolate, and on a snowy weekend, there's nothing better {except for eating them with someone you love}.

Afterwards, we came home and I made like an elf and wrapped all of our Christmas presents under the tree. They came out nicely! I still need some more ribbon for the gifts. I love, love, love wrapping presents, so this is never a chore for me.

Eeee! Presents!

John enjoys our MASSIVE tree {in fact, it's teensy tiny}.

John's sister Margaret enjoys the presents under our tree :)

John's sister Margaret and her boyfriend Greg also braved the shiteous conditions outside to come and visit from Providence.

Aren't they adorable?

We went out for dinner, came back and acted silly.

Today was even worse! Check out the wintry conditions we were up against:

Brr!Cambridge is a ghost town.John plays in the snow.

The weather didn't stop. What a weekend!


Twigs'n'Berries said...

Nice hat you dork!

Danielle said...

That hat keeps me nice and warm. Don't hate.