Thursday, June 30, 2011

On awkward exchanges.

I am the Queen of Awkward.



See? That was just awkward.

I'm just one of those people. I'm all like, "hi..." to someone and then cross the street in the middle of the conversation to get away from said person. RUDE. STRANGE.

I try, I do, but sometimes an exhange comes along that has just SO MUCH POTENTIAL to be awkward. And my social ineptitude does nothing except to exacerbate the situation.

Like the time I was mistaken for a white woman...


It happened. Last Friday.

In a passport office no less, when I was being fingerprinted (no felons allowed in the USA).


What did I do?

Blinked a few times. Stared. Then I am pretty sure I made some awkward/sarcastic joke about my newfound racial/ethnic background which definitely did not seem to have the desired effect on my intended audience. So then I stood there as he took my fingerprints, feeling like a weird impostor criminal AND THEN I RAN. All the way until I reached the exit. And then I realized that I had left all of my stuff waiting on the chair and had to turn around.

I'm surprised I wasn't escorted out in handcuffs. Or you know, sent back to Canada. See? AWKWARD.