Friday, February 25, 2011

Relief soon, I hope.

{Yeah, that's a super large Starbucks coffee, two Five-Hour Energy drinks (never again), and a big ol' can o' Red Bull. It was like, 9am when I took this picture. Ish was all gone by 11.}

I spent every. single. day. this week (and all of last weekend...and maybe tomorrow, if I'm so lucky. meh.) in a 2x4 windowless law school study room for hours at a time. I had minimal contact with everybody in my life, including my family, my husband, and my dear law school friends who had their own exams and papers to prepare for. Exams are never fun. Here's to a relaxing weekend and great 3 months of co-op quarter.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes, they are!

You love Erin. I love Erin. Erin loves James. I love James. And I especially love that my dear, darling friend is so unbelievably happy.