Monday, December 29, 2008

Gaza: Ceasefire Now!

The continuing raids on Gaza are making me so upset. The Israeli attacks on Gaza have brought about 300 deaths, more than 50 of them civilians. This onslaught is the most aggressive and ferocious attack on Palestinians in decades.

As I see it, this crisis is going to spiral further and further out of control, which means that there will be further civilian suffering, and a growth in conflict. From where I stand right now, I can only see this conflict getting worse. There is so much instability in that region, that I'm afraid that these attacks are going to cause an all-out disaster. Much of the anger is also directed toward Egypt, a country where violence has become the norm.

In Gaza, all medical services are on the verge of collapse, as people struggle to care for more than 600 wounded people. I don't necessarily believe that Israel can justify these attacks, not this time. Across Gaza, there are families with no electricity or water, families who are just waiting to see where the next bomb drops.

I really do wish for world peace. Even if this is impossible. For now, I don't want this to happen.

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