Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun Gift Ideas

I've started looking for fun, unconventional gifts to give to people for Christmas. I think this first selection of gifts are great! This post is geared more towards the men in my life (Dad, brothers, John), but these gifts can work for anyone!

From bottom up (because I like it that way):

The Keepsake USB Turntable ($149)- perfect for your little brother who dreams of being a DJ

Retroblock iPod Speaker ($25)- works with all iPods!

80's Rubix Cube Clock ($22)- twist the top row to switch between the date, time, temperature

Teach: Better Handwriting ($13.95)- no more chicken scratch to decipher!

Lomo Fisheye 2 Camera ($75)- I think these take really cool pictures

USB VHS Tape Converter ($249)- My Dad would love that he could convert our old home videos

iPod Ghetto Blaster ($249)- Oh hey, it's a giant boombox! If only I had a Kangol Hat and some
Adidas gear (preferably a sweatsuit)...

All pictures and gifts ideas are from Fred Flare.

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