Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had what was ultimately the most low-key, uneventful weekend this weekend and it was glorious. Friday night I went to go see the movie Happy-Go-Lucky, a small movie about a 30 year old woman who is determined to see everything in life through rose-colored glasses. Perfect kind of Friday night movie. Of course I was the only person who cried through the entire movie and had no tissues. I used John's sleeve instead.

Saturday I studied for the LSAT at a wonderful little cafe down the street, Cafe Andala. For those of you in the Cambridge area, check out Andala. They have the most delicious Arabic coffee (strong coffee with cardamom ). Sarah joined me as she's applying to med school. We had a lovely little study session. Oh, to be in school again (I shouldn't pretend that I'm not excited because I'm so looking forward to it).

On Saturday night I drove to West Hartford to have dinner at Barcelona for Morgan's birthday dinner. For any of you in the Connecticut area, it's a great tapas place. Very nice and cozy. Came back and went to bed.

Sunday started out with another study session at Andala, followed by Indian food and a lazy Sunday at home with John. We're on the couch watching Mad Men now.

I know this is a boring post, but this weekend was the kind of weekend that I really needed. No pictures, no going out, and some time at home. Sometimes I forget that running around during the week takes its toll on you.

I hope you lovelies had wonderful weekends too!

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