Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama's Face on a Food Stamp. Disgusting.

My friend Ijee just sent me this article about an Inland GOP mailing that depicts Obama's face on a food stamp, along with tired racial sterotypes surrounding him such as fried chicken, Kool-Aid, watermelon, and ribs.

People like to brag about how this world is changing, and how Obama is going to bring about a new era, not only in American politics, but in American society as well.

Well, the woman who stated that she "wanted to deride a comment Obama made over the summer about how as an African-American he 'doesn't look like all those presidents on the dollar bills'", clearly doesn't want change. Instead she uses archaic racial sterotypes to get a laugh. Haven't we gotten past that?

I think what's most ridiculous about this whole thing is that:

1.) Diane Fedele argued that it was "strictly an attempt to point out the outrageousness of his (Obama's) statement." (um excuse me, what sense does that make, the only bill he'll ever be on will be food stamps? are you kidding me?)

2.) Fedele didn't see the was it was taken. To her, it was just food. Yeah right. She's not blind, nor does she seem stupid. The innocence card is bullshit. You are not innocent.

3.) Also, Fedele was angry because Obama drew attention to his own race? He drew attention to his own race, so Fedele decided to reprint a a racist illustration. Good plan. And for the record, how dare Obama state the obvious?

4.) She claims to have one black friend. ONE BLACK FRIEND DOES NOT NOT MAKE YOU RACIST. Or ignorant.

5.) She claims to have NO IDEA about some of the most well-known stereotypes in U.S. history. Yeah fucking right.

I am so angry right now.

However, my faith and hope rests with the other people my age who see the world differently from our elders. And you know what? I expected to see these types of incidents happen, and now the have.

But people aren't sitting back and taking it. They're fighting back.

America, I still have faith in you. Please keep fighting.

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