Monday, October 27, 2008

This afternoon's gchat conversation

me: i am on and she has all of these dessert recipes for cupcakes
Sarah: asdhfldjskj
me: ps i had 3 packs of swedish fish today
Sarah: i was thinking about cupcakes today!
me: and i was trying to be good
Sarah: im getting my p either today or tomorrow ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS SUGAR and im so bloated
me: omg me too. wait. WE HAVE THE SAME P! ahahhahaha
Sarah: OMG haha
me: hahahha
Sarah: thats awesome
me: that is so awesome
Sarah: we surpassed pheromones
Sarah: and happened get on the same sched. thats friendship
me: omgsh that IS friendship

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. It's the end of the day. We're incoherent. I LUB YOU SAWAH.

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