Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vat I Did on Zee Weekend

Rarely do I have a weekend that is SO MUCH FUN that I can barely contain myself lest I explode into a million little sparkly pieces.

And honestly, I pretty much did just that. Friday started out with a lovely girls-only drink fest at Green Street Grill with one of my best friends in the world, Miss Sarah Rasheed, and her roommate Jen (pic no. 1). Aren't they lovely? The conversation of the night? Sarah recounting how a monkey got out of his cage and impregnated 12 females (in a span of not so many hours). Just the kind of thing I want to talk about (but for serious, though). Got home quite early and snuggled into bed with my wonderful boyfriend. Mmmm.

Saturday started out perfectly. I haven't been "home" in a month, so I haven't been able to relax and do nothing on a Saturday morning. John (my boyfriend) and I lay on our couch and watched Vh1 music videos for a solid hour while singing made up lyrics at the top of our lungs. SO AWESOME. NKOTB comeback song? Yes please. Then John came back with the most delicious coffee, and we lounged some more. Until my heart started to beat too fast due to the caffeine and I had to get up and dance around the house.

I got my hair cut, which is usually the most panic-inducing activity to me, but this lovely Parisian man gave my a perfect haircut that made my hair swingy and bouncy and made me feel GREAT. So great, I was grinning all night (pic no. 2).

Then I went to Abbey's birthday party, which was single handedly one of the BEST parties I have been to in the past year. We stuffed ourselves with Mexican food and drank Reggie's famous margaritas that nearly made me end up blackout and facedown somewhere. Instead, I loved everyone, made them dance with me and molested John (pic nos. 3,4,5). Then we went out. After a nice snack of 20 cheese sticks from Hi-Fi Pizza, it was time for bed.

Sunday was family day! My brother Adam came up for the day so that I could boss him around and tell him why he shouldn't move back to California. He's super handsome and a giant smartypants (see family pic no. 6 - he's the one in the middle). We ran around Cambridge and went to Oktoberfest in Harvard Square where some kid did awesome magic tricks and I gave him all my change. I also ran into my dear friend Natasha whom I haven't seen for 4 years and we had one of those epic hugs that lasted for ages. Then we went and had pizza, then ice cream, watched Dexter, and PASSED THE F OUT.

On Monday John had work, but Adam decided to stay until the afternoon so I dragged him to the aquarium to see the sharks. I was hoping for some big dudes like this (pic no. 7), but unfortunately the aquarium LIED and all we got were some little nurse sharks. So sad. We did see some awesome jellyfish though, like these (pic nos. 8 & 9). After the useless aquarium, we went to see our brother Matt (family pic. no. 6- he's the one on the left) at Tufts where we told him to clean his room and made sure he wasn't smelly. Then I brought Adam back to the train station, said goodbye, and studied for the LSAT while eating ice cream.

All in all, not a bad weekend, eh?

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