Monday, February 2, 2009

Luck in my house of cards.

I came home sick today with the migraine blues, feeling as if my head was going to explode in a mass of blood and fluid and pieces of brain onto the floor. I don't normally get headaches, let alone migraines, so the whole experience left me terrified that I was dying of some brain tumor. However, after a couple of CAT scans, the doctor let me know that I was fine to go home and prescribed some headache medicine, lots of water, and rest. He said something about being overtired and stressed. Who, me? NEVER.

While lying down with a cold, wet washcloth on my head, I decided that I would check my monthly horoscope for February, and THANK GOD I did. February is going to be my saving month! According to Susan Miller over at AstrologyZone {thanks Mama}, my life is going to get 1000% better over the next four weeks. Apparently, my fellow Taureans, we have got it going on for the next 4 weeks. Career changes, life changes, romance, and new friends!

Ah, suddenly my life is great. I'm going to get into a great law school {Northwestern, do you hear that? I'm calling}. I have an amazing boyfriend who gave me the most perfect pre-Valentine's day present {he cleaned our ENTIRE apartment. I'm talking about cleaning the pantry and ALL of the soap scum out of the shower} and who is taking me to Paris for fun {and for free!}, and I am finally going to have time to see my friends, many of whom I've neglected in favor of spending time with my new BFFs, Law School Applications.

Huzzah! My head's feeling better already.



e. said...

yay! i love you, now go drink some tea.

Megs said...

sorry to hear about the migraine :(
i can relate, i get a couple a week -- theyre awful!!
i have yet to find meds that work, stress is definitely the cause! I've actually started meditating before bed and that seems to help.
Hope you feel better!