Friday, January 30, 2009

I Think I Need This

I was browsing through The Urban Collection today when I stumbled upon this ruby red beauty. What do you think? Should it become mine?

I've recently begun buying vintage clothes, mostly because it saves me some money and I can look much more unique. I mean, who stumbles upon a beautiful red Yves Saint Laurent jacket like this?

Tell me that I need this, please please please!


Opé - Style Artist said...

You need it!
Besides it will go with so many things and different looks without being overdone.

Donsie said...

you do not need this. Nobody needs this unless they want to look unattractively disproportionate. Even the cute model looks deformed and she 5' 9". The red is pretty but a lot of things come in red. Apples, cardinals, pomegranates, cherry lollipops, English mailboxes and double decker get my drift!

Aline said...

you need it, and you deserve it baby!