Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

...Aaaand here are my New Year's resolutions. Five days late. But who's counting, eh? As I said in an earlier post, 2008, especially the end of 2008, was a particularly difficult year. It has made me completely re-evaluate the things that make me happy, and has prepared me for the possibility of making yet one more career shift before going back to school. Though 2008 has good memories as well, 2009 is a fresh start, and DAMN RIGHT I will do everything in my power to make sure it's a good year.


1. To take life as it comes

I tend to project into the future when it comes to figuring out my life. Last year, I had my entire life planned out, and was completely confident that it would turn out exactly the way I wanted it to. However, like most things, I was completely knocked on my ass. Well, no more, damn it!

2. Not to worry

Sure, it sounds simple, and by all means, it should be simple, but for some people (ME), it's very difficult to turn off the worry button. Anything sends me into a panic, literally, from feeling guilty about not working my hardest one day at my job, to wondering whether or not I got enough green vegetables in at lunch. Ridiculous, right? This one's got to go.

3. Not to care about what other people think

This is my biggest flaw. I've spent my entire life trying to please people, people who don't even matter in the long run. When I fail, I feel as if my world has ended. For a long time I let others define me, but I have spent a lot of time and energy on this, and I'm exhausted. The people I love, my true friends, will accept me for who I am. Everybody else? Not worth worrying about.

4. Take care of myself

I continuously run myself ragged and don't even realize. I think that because I exercise, eat healthily, and drink no caffeine and very little alcohol, this means that I can keep going at an extremely furious pace. Being healthy is not just about eating healthy and exercising, it's about taking time for yourself. I'm going to say NO to things. I promise not to overextend myself. Last year there was too much unnecessary running around.

5. To love, love, love

This one's easy, but that doesn't mean that it's not important. My loved ones mean the world to me, and I will take any opportunity I have to let them know it.

To eat less junk food

Because I don't have dental insurance and I think I have a cavity.

I have many, many more resolutions, but I promised myself that this blog post wouldn't be an epic. However, the resolutions I've posted are the most important to me, and the most difficult to put into practice. However, you know me, I like to get the hard stuff out of the way first.

P.S. I forgot another IMPORTANT resolution! To spend less! I'm going to try and make it on $10 or <$10 a day!

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