Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Valentine

I'm trying to see every single nominated movie before the award season commences, and last night I watched Blue Valentine.

This is a difficult movie to get through, but I thought both Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling turned in such raw performances. I was really impressed with them--and the vulnerability they brought to their characters. Michelle Williams actually said that she and Ryan Gosling weren't able to see each other after the movie wrapped because it felt like they were actually going through a breakup. You can tell.

There was so much drama surrounding this movie and its original rating of NC-17 because of a particularly explicit oral sex scene. However, Harvey Weinstein appealed, and the movie ended up with an R rating. Also- all the sex in the movie? Realistic, but not graphic (well, emotionally it is). Just sayin'.

Warning: I spent an hour after the film sobbing--but I guess that's what I get for watching a movie re: the disintegration of a marriage when you have only been married for 7 months and your husband is away on a business trip.

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Emily said...

I want to see this movie SO badly but it's not playing in Maine yet!! I've read and heard so much about the process of making the film and the drama around the NC-17 rating that I am so thankful they changed! Thanks for the warning about crying after the movie...that's my signature move after a rough film!