Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Love Colors!

Lately, I've found myself experimenting with outfits that incorporate different textures and patterns, but they've all been in the same blah colors because for some reason, I started subscribing to the rule that in the winter, you don't wear color. The only bit of color I incorporate comes in the form of headbands/"headgear", massive necklaces, or flower pins. Or, when I'm feeling saucy, red lipstick.

That's all well and good, but I am tired of the grey and the dark, so I NEED SOME COLOR in my life. I started with redecorating my study, which is now an explosion of primary colors- red, yellow and blue. It's like a kindergarden classroom for grownups (perhaps I was inspired by hubby-to-be's place of work...).

Next up, my wardrobe. I just discovered the best company in the world that I want to share with you. We Love Colors is a company that specializes in bright, bright hoisery. I know, I know, hoisery is not exactly "clothing" per se, but their saturated rainbow colors add such a pop of color to your outfit that immediately, you feel better. Look how amazing this girl looks (in the snow, no less!):

They also have TIE-DYED tights. How can you not love this?


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Emily said...

I support this philosophy! More COLOR!! Hooray!