Wednesday, February 3, 2010


BIG NEWS. This is the dress that my bridesmaids will be wearing. In 5 different colors (one color being the one above).

Why I love this dress:
1) Doesn't look like a "bridesmaid" dress per se;
2) I can incorporate all the colors that I originally wanted into my color scheme;
3) It's flattering on everyone;
4) It's floaty, and fits perfectly with the whimsical/tea-party-ish theme I am going for;
5) It's inexpensive; and
6) Since it's J.Crew, THERE IS NO NEED FOR TAILORING and it arrived in 3 days.


I would highly recommend checking out J.Crew for bridal wear.


Lindsey said...

I LOVE IT! I want it for myself! :)

Ghenet said...

I have an appt with my bridemaids at J.Crew coming up and they're trying this one on! We're looking at all of the dresses in the Spiced Wine color. It's really cute!

Nadia said...

Super cute! Hooray for weddings!