Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eau Flirt? NO flirt.

Apparently men become sexually aroused when smelling pumpkin pie and lavender, which led me to devise a really awesome equation that I am sure nobody has ever come up with. Then I made a love potion that I decided to market as a perfume using said equation:


Oh wait, I'm not that crafty. T'his morning while perusing the NY Times {cover to, psike, I was online, reading only the fashion and style section while pretending to pay attention to the front page news}, I came across a perfume called Eau Flirt, a scent that supposedly attracts men...and their penises. No, seriously. The perfume uses "ingredients like pumpkin, lavender and licorice shown to increase penile blood flow".

Cool, except I know that smelling something that reminds me of pie only makes me hungry. But then again, I'm not a guy.

I am more concerned that the general public truly believes that there is a perfume out there that has been created specifically to attract men because of pheromones and things like baked goods. WE ARE BEING DOUSED IN B.S., ladies! I understand that smells can trigger certain responses, but I'm pretty sure that NOTHING you spray on yourself will make someone fall in love with you. This person will may comment on how you smell nice, or nuzzle your neck with a little more vigor, but regular perfume would seem to do the trick, right? Or you know, soap.

I think I'm insulted...but maybe I should be proud of the fact that I attracted my husband with just my natural body odor?

Check out the article here.


Emily said...

HAHA this post made me smile and it made me proud! You are so right. I've never bought into all those marketing schemes to "snag a man." It's just too much. Glad to see your posts again! Hope all is well!

ThingsMadameLoves said...

The woman that buys this has a lifetime subscription to Cosmo and all of the special additions....tsk tsk tsk

eula_w said...

Great read on the article you have shared. I think I should try to Eau Flirt you mentioned. :)

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