Monday, October 5, 2009

On the subject of friends.

I happen to be one of those people who is extremely lucky in the friend department. I happen to have friends who support me, no matter how ridiculous I am (and believe me, I am quite ridiculous, like, beyond ridiculous). They love me even when I am difficult, and they're there for me when I don't even realize/acknowledge their support. You know, or when I'm a complete monster.

I had a visit with an old friend yesterday, who lifted my spirits, so much that I forgot to be stressed out (which is incredible since if my life is not stressful, I feel as if something is wrong. Sick, I know). We've known eachother since I was 12, but our friendship has grown much stronger as of late. This friend, I can say is one of the most beautiful, amazing people I've had the pleasure to know (biblically, ahahahah no, okay, just kidding, bad joke.). Yesterday reconfirmed it.

It feels good to surround yourself with positive, beautiful, witty, kind, FUN people who share your quirks, or at least, embrace/not make fun of you for them.

I happen to be an open book. This has proven to be a big problem, because it means I get hurt frequently and easily. Lesser people prey on my large, squishy life organs, and masticate them until the only thing that's left is a big, yucky lump of red flesh.

I've often been told I am "too soft, too emotional, too sweet, too nice etc." It's not a compliment. However, these characteristics that I find to be incredibly important have been completely dismissed by those who find those qualities to be obnoxious, insufficient, etc. Because being nice and fun is equivalent to being dumb. Or it means that you're being fake. Or if you cry all the time, it's for attention.

Or, when you take the empathetic viewpoint in law school, it means that obviously, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about because it's not about the people in the case, it's about the RULES.

So these friends of mine, the old ones, the older ones, and the very brand new ones, are pretty special to me because they let me keep on doing what I'm doing, being "me" in all of my sensitive glory, and giving me the gift of their company and love.

So, tchin tchin (raise your glass), to friends!

{Note: This post came out of me reading my horoscope from Yes, it's true.}


erin said...

cheers! and YOU are the one that took all of MY stress away yesterday.

the end.

Lindsey said...

Danielle, I feel the same way sometimes. I have a big heart, therefore I get hurt. People seem to think niceness makes one weak. I disagree. I think it makes you strong - by the time we are old, we will have been hurt a lot, but we will also be able to understand others' hurt AND we will have been blessed with LOVING in a way that others shut themselves off from. Further, we can share that love with those in desperate need of it! In my mind, that makes it all worth it! Miss you, girl!