Friday, August 28, 2009

Apartment Therapy

(What I'm imagining one of my 2 bathrooms will look like)

I'm moving! After two years in my lovely studio loft apartment (which I so generously shared with my fiance), it was time for a change. I start law school on Monday (eee), and had been begging John for a place with at least one door, and maybe, possibly, a teensy office for me.

Well, we found one, and I'm at a loss for how to decorate it! You see, we're moving into a handicap accessible apartment, and we now have two MASSIVE industrial-looking bathrooms and low counters. While some people may balk at this, John and I jumped at the challenge, especially since one of us is tall and the other one is short (but the dr. said I was 5'5"!)...

...Except that now I'm starting to doubt my apartment decorating abilities. Tell me, do you have any tips or suggestions for how to make awkward spaces work??

(P.S.~ I don't know how confident I feel about chalkboard paint, but isn't this table awesome?)

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erin said...

yayayay! i will come and help. or sit on the low counters and eat bon bons as you work. either way, i'll be there.