Friday, June 19, 2009

Away We Go

Has anyone seen this movie? I'm a little afraid that I will end up bawling so hard in the theater that someone will think I just found out someone in my family had died. I mean, I cried at the trailer...I think that's a new low.

I also want to see this one.

And died laughing (to my surprise) at this one.

Go see a movie this weekend to combat the rainy blues!


Ghenet said...

I saw The Hangover and died laughing too. I think I'm seeing Away We Go tonight (which looks sooo cute and totally cry-worthy). I heard Up was really good too. And of course, My Sister's Keeper comes out in a week or so (talk about sobbing!) I <3 summer movies.

Jenn said...

I saw Away We Go last week and was completely disappointed. It was trying to hard to be deep. Up was amazing!! Best movie I've seen in a long time and will def. make you want to cry.

erin said...

hrmm...haven't seen any of these...will be checking back for more's sunny here, but we need to go to a movie to escape the heat. sweltering.

Amanda Nicole said...

That's a good idea. It's been overcast for a few days here, and these are all movies I'd like to see.

Happy weekend!

Ghenet said...

btw, Steve and I saw Away We Go and we really liked it! It was funnier than I expected and overall enjoyable :o)

east side bride said...

I'm worried Away We Go is gonna be trying-too-hard-to-be-clever. Not a fan of that genre.

But I might have to see it anyway.