Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Color in my space.

{Photo: Apartment Therapy}

On Monday, Erin challenged me to find one image that best describes my design style, and I finally found the perfect image (a whopping 3 days later, sorry Er).

I am attracted to bright colors, mismatched prints, florals, and monochromatic looks, so when I came across this bedroom on Apartment Therapy, there was no question that this was THE image.

The mix of patterns might make some people a little crazy (stripes and florals, what?), but I enjoy the chaos of mixing prints, patterns, and textures. I'm borderline obsessed with the lipstick red and turquoise color scheme, and those of you who read my blog know that I'm obsessed with big, puffy flowers.

I like the idea of coming home to something bright and cheery (I once painted a room Pepto-Bismol pink) and a little manic after a long hard day. It would be impossible to be sad in this room, no?

So tell me dear reader(s), what rooms/designs make you happy?


Amanda Nicole said...

Lovely photo! I adore a pop of turquoise as well :)

erin said...

yay! such a good choice--i love love love it!